"Another excellently organised trip. We've been everywhere, seen everything. Well done Mike and Giles....you are great company."
Steve,Gary, Steve and John.

"Mike and Giles,Thank you for such an informative and well planned journey. Delicious food and great company made a wonderful experience for us. Thank you, again."
Gord and Iris. BC Canada.

"Thank you for an amazing four days. Too much to take in but will analyse our trip when we view the 1000's of photos. Hospitality was like being at home! We were even taken to Peronne to see The Tour de France pass through. What a bonus!. To Paris for a rest now!! Thanks, Mike and Giles....we will be recommending you to all our friends in Florida."
Graeme and Glynis

"Most interesting and so good to be so clearly informed. Has given us so much to think about; previous conceptions of the war much broadened. Thanks to Michael for a wonderful holiday experience in every way."

"An absolutely fabulous tour, very informative, your knowledge and "teaching" was brilliant. Great sense of humour. Will the human race never learn that wars only kill and maim countless thousands - all very moving. Many thanks."
Don and Fiona.

"Dear Mike, thank you very much for a fantastic four days. You have changed our view of the Great War and whetted our appetite to learn more. The visit to my Great uncle's grave was wonderful and helps bring closure. Many, many thanks."
Dennis and Melanie.

"The holiday was very good and your guide to the Somme and Flanders was excellent. The house is so lovely, there was not one bad part at all, everything was excellent. Thank you especially for taking me to Great Uncle James' grave. Many thanks"

"Our three families have had a great time relaxing here in your beautiful farmhouse and enjoying the surrounding area. We are very appreciative of you allowing us to stay here, we have had a lovely time!"
Mark, Kath, Darlene, Mark, Pete, Ania.

"Our deepest thanks for all the time you have taken to prepare and lead our tour of the WW1 battlefields. Your knowledge and understanding of these major initiatives has helped us come to grips with the successes and failures of the Allied forces and gain a better understanding of what went on. Your open and friendly manner and above all your expert driving has made this trip so good. We wish ou well for all tours in the future."
John and Lesley.

"Really great, Mike, Hugely informative and interesting, if so terribly sad a story of man's inhumanity to man. Thank you for your wisdom, patience - and excellent wine."

"Mike's tour has brought to life those sepia-tinted, dusty photograph albums of my grandfather and his two brothers to life in a way that I never expected. That generation were reluctant to talk of their experiences and I feel that I have been lucky enough to communicate with them again. Thank you."

"This visit exceeded all my expectations. It was so well organised and Mike is a fount of knowledge. It was like a family outing and nothing was too much trouble for Mike. I cannot thank you enough for the pleasure."

"Great trip, great guide and a great house. Your effort and relaxed style is much appreciated. Your cooking is fine and wine choices even better. If I can remember only 1% of what you told us I will be much wiser than before. Many thanks for everything."

"We had a fantastic time, great tour, great host. Mike, your knowledge is unsurpassable. We loved that it is all-inclusive and so well organised. We will recommend you to our friends. Well done you!"
Wendy and Richard.

"As usual Mike has maintained his very high standard of touring. This is now my 5th tour with Mike and I learn something new every time (not easy for someone who has been battlefield touring for nearly 20 years) - keep up the good work Mike!"

"What a superbly informed guide and outstanding host - none finer. Many thanks for so much enlightenment and historical information. Easily surpassed my hopes and I would love to come back again."

"Spectacular trip! Your hospitality was exceeded only by your in-depth knowledge of the history and ability to find the most remote of the specific gravesites sought! We leave with great regret and a much greater understanding of a terrible time in the world's history. Thanks so much."
Bob & Marilyn, Ontario, Canada

"What an experience! Your knowledge and professionalism have made this a wonderful journey through the "Battlefields". So much to see, so much to learn. Thank you. "
Peter & Sean, Perth, Western Australia

"Words would never fully express our thoughts about the past four days. This experience has been truly magnificent in many ways! Your knowledge, hospitality, humour, food, farmhouse, driving and warmth will live long in our memory. Long live the Anzacs!"
John & Jill, New South Wales, Australia

"The impact of this trip has been far greater than expected. Each site has been so moving and emotional. It has been a treat to travel with you and all of your knowledge. It has been wonderful to experience the lovely French countryside and tasty food. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime."
Tom & Nancy, Chicago, USA

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful few days. Your knowledge about WW1 was truly amazing and we certainly learned a great deal. Thank you for taking us on the walk through Mametz Wood, a most memorable time. A wonderful host and snack provider! Thank you for everything"
Sarah & Shawn, New York, USA

"We have had a really great time, thank you for showing me where my Grandfather was in 1917 - his diary means so much more now. Your knowledge on all of the Battles was so good and you made it so enjoyable for us. Very best regards."
Carrole & Bill, Norfolk

" I have been on previous trips to the Great War Battlefields. This was by far the most extensive and the most comfortable. Many thanks. "
Jake, UK

"Many thanks for a wonderful tour. We are so glad to have seen at last where our relatives both fought and died and to have witnessed, albeit at nearly 100 years distance, the terrible things that man has done to man in northern France. Thank you for both the nuts and the apples and for your generous hospitality. Hope to see you again soon."
Colin & Celia, Leamington Spa
"This has been an amazing experience for all of us. Do not underestimate how unique and special you and your tour are/is! It has been perfect, exactly what we wanted but so much more as well. Your knowledge, experience, personality, time keeping and organisation skills have meant we have got more than we ever could have imagined. We have loved every minute and are so grateful to you. My Dad’s 70th birthday present will not be lived up to in any way! We plan to continue to learn and build on what we have learnt from you – but the personal touch you have given will stay with us always – every bomb, bullet and shrapnel too! “We will remember them”. Love & thanks."
Jean, Ray, Julie and Ian "The Taffy’s!", Swansea

"This is probably the most memorable trip I have ever been on, you made it all so real through your explanations, enthusiasm and vast knowledge."
Wilma, Hawick, Scotland

"This is the best way to see the battlefields. A wonderful and moving experience."
Matthew & Denise, Folkestone

"We have dreamed of this visit for over 7 years. I t has now been fulfilled in spades with memorable visits to the Somme and Flanders with too many sites to mention here. The evening at the Menin Gate (on Anzac) will remain in memory forever. However, the star was Mike for his patience in answering everlasting questions, his driving and his cuisine. Thank you Mike for a wonderfully organised tour. Gratefully."
Brian, Wiltshire

" Thank you very much for having us to stay and for being so attentive to all our needs and never ending questions! It was a pleasure to see Oliver, my 10 year old son making the connection between the history books and the countryside of Northern France and Flanders. For me, I enjoyed the balance between the sombre and thought provoking tours and the fun and games of the evenings in your stunning house. Thank you for having us and see you again."
Philip, Norfolk

"What a marvellous week! To fulfil a long-held dream to visit the sites of the battles of World War 1 & 2 was very satisfying, if harrowing. At last I have honoured the losses of my family during ghastly WW1. The farmhouse is delightful and hospitality wonderful..... This was THE best way to learn history. Thank you so much for becoming a friend as well as a host."
Hilary, West Vancouver, BC, Canada